All Activities in one place

Manage your Shoeing, Worming, Vaccination, and Dental activities… then realize it was just the beginning.

  • Check the history of all previous activities 
  • Capture Notes and Attachments for each activity
  • Customize your activity details

Task Management

Besides managing your most important activities (Shoeing, Worming, Vaccinations, and Dental), BarnDoor also provides a comprehensive Task Management feature. From shopping lists to daily tasks and other to-dos, this is the place to keep track of everything that is going on at your barn. 

  • Creates Tasks and associate them with Horses and Contacts
  • Schedule Recurring Tasks
  • Organize Tasks in Lists and Folders

Feeding Management

Stay on top of your Feed Schedules so your horses will not grow hungry.

  • Manage individual Feeding Schedules
  • Capture important feeding-related notes and attachments
  • Access to a full Feeding Change History to review all previous updates to a horse’s Feeding Schedule
  • Capture special instructions for each feed item  
  • Feeding Reports across all horses
Manage Feeding for multiple horses at once
  • Clone Feeding Schedules across multiple horses
  • Select feed items that will be added, updated, or removed in bulk

Track all your Pedigrees

Running a sophisticated breeding operation or just trying to stay on top of your horses’ pedigree information? 

  • Manage up to four generations in your horse pedigrees
  • Customize how short pedigree information is displayed in your horse lists 

Customize Your BarnDoor

Each barn runs differently. BarnDoor lets you create your own fields to track all the information you need!

Create your fields and sections on your Horse Info page

Can’t find a field for your specific needs? No problem. Just create your own! For example, you might want to keep track of your horses’ tack, just create a section for “Tack” and customize the fields within it to capture blanket sizes, saddle numbers, or instructions for your staff.

Rearrange fields and sections on your Horse Info page. 

You don’t like the default settings on how BarnDoor displays your horse information? No problem, just change the content around to always see the most important information first. 


Color indicators for upcoming and overdue activities. 

BarnDoor visually indicates when your activities and tasks have reached their due date (orange indicator) or if they are already more than 2 weeks overdue (red indicator). If you want to change those color settings or turn them off, you can configure those settings for each activity separately. 

Customize Shoeing, Worming, Vaccination, and Dental activities 

Our app comes with a lot of default data for the different activity types. But we also know that we will never be able to provide all possible options you might need. So if you want to track a special shoeing for “purple pads on front feet/ hind regular trim”, just create your own shoeing type.

Set your own Repeat Schedules

By default, BarnDoor assumes that horses get shoes every 6 weeks, wormers are due every 6 months, and vaccinations are given every half year or 12 months, depending on the type. If you want to change those settings, you can do so under the Horse Management feature setting.


So much more

Try out BarnDoor for free and discover even more customization options to make the app run exactly how you need it.